About Us
Stefano Della Gasperina

He starts hiking and climbing in Gran Paradiso valleys, expecially in the Piedmont area, where he lives since 1981. On these mountains, in the eighties he learns to climb. Many mountains, many friends, many routes around in the Alps and a passion for a job deeply in touch with people and nature, take him, in 1997, to get a UIAGM mountain guide license. Since then Stefano works with the goal to let people discover mountains in all the different aspects.
His passion drives him to work in different alpine areas: Monte Rosa, Verbier, Chamonix and Zermatt, strictly in touch with other mountain guides, realizing a continuous human and professional exchange and growth. This job, performed in very international locations, teach him a very open and international approach as a guide.

Manuel Lugli

After a graduation in medicine in 1987 - he starts to devote himself completely to mountains and travel.
In 1996 he starts his full time job as tour, trek and mountain expeditions' organizer; at the beginning working for an important italian operator and then, from 2002, with his own agency, Il Nodo Infinito. During these years, he works with some of the strongest italian and international mountaineers and takes care of some special projects on the behalf of National Geographic Television, Tve-Spanish Television and Rai 3-Italian Television. He organizes and takes personally part in many expeditions in Iceland, Norway, India, Usa, China, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, Kamchatka, Mongolia, Patagonia, Repubbliche Asiatiche, Canada and Russia. Since 2004 he deepens his knowledge of Africa extensively travelling, in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana e Angola.