Tour Preparations | Group leaders

In this section you can find our mid-very demanding programs both from a technical and physical point of view, with pretty demanding climbs (800-1300 meters) and long distance trails developing in a high altitude environment (3500/4000 meters). Also possible to find some program with climbs technically easy but in altitude.

The Bessanese tour is a round trip trail in a severe high mountain (2200 – 3200 m) environment with an approximate length of 32 kms in 3-4days. The tour, which covers the wild valleys of all very different aspects, and which crosses the hills that top 3000m height, can be started from Balme to... LEGGI TUTTO
Halfway between hiking and mountaineering, the circumnavigation of the massif and the ascent of the main summit, are part of those experiences hardly forgettable. These mountains, far from the crowds and protected from low popularity make it even more savage these places. The hospitality of the shel... LEGGI TUTTO