Grand Paradiso is a name that inherently evokes the idea of pristine wilderness, where nature is as it should be: great, spectacular, and pure. It’s an accurate idea. Even in a country like Italy, where most of the space has been shaped by human use, there are still some areas that are barely touched by our presence. Gran Paradiso National Park is one of those areas of unspoiled wilderness.

Day 1:

Meeting in Cogne – Lillaz (AO) with the guide and presentation of the program.

Day 2:


Lillaz 1617m. –  Lago delle Loye 2354m. – Lillaz 1617m.

Along the trails you can admire the waterfalls coming from Torrente Urtier, and grassy clearings that alternate with conifer forests, which opening into the classic alpine meadows of Alpe Bardoney. Here in the early summer you can see a wide variety of alpine flora and easily spot the curious groundhogs. Chamois ibex increase in number and the view of Mont Blanc massif is magnificent. The decent into mature conifer forests also brings surprises with the opportunity to observe birds like jays and nutcrackers.

Positive vertical drop: 737m.

Negative vertical drop:737m.

Time travel: 5-6 h.


Day 3:

Lillaz 1617m. – Cogne 1534m. – rifugio V. Sella 2584. Night in the hutt

On reaching the village of Valnontey, before beginning the climb, you can visit the Giardino Alpino Paradisia, where they’ve reconstructed almost all of the various natural environments found in these mountains, as well as a butterfly garden.

The climb starts off steep, winding through a dense conifer forest, and brings you into one of the areas most frequented by the park’s

characteristic animal: the ibex. Before reaching the refuge, it’s worth stopping in the Lauson meadows to catch a glimpse of the classic groundhog.

Positive vertical drop: 915m.

Negative vertical drop:83m.

Time travel: 5,30-6,30

Day 4:

Rifugio V.Sella 2584 – colle della Rossa 3195m. – back to Cogne 1534m. The pass is an important point of access for the valley that is home to the refuges of Vittorio Sella and Vermiana. The trail is smooth and allows you to reach a significant altitude at the foot of the Punta Rossa, an imposing looking mountain. Along the way you can see herds of ibex and other characteristic high-altitude flora.

Positive vertical drop: 605m.

Negative vertical drop:1521m.

Time travel: 6-7h

Day 5:

Lillaz 1617m. – Degioz 1540m. – Casotto del guardia parco Bosconere 2100m.

It is easily reachable by public transportation or by taxi from Valsavarnches, and visits can be made at the park ranger offices. Positive vertical drop: 560 m.

Negative vertical drop:560m.

Time travel: 4 h

Day 6:

Degioz 1540m.- Djouan lake 2516m. Degioz 1540m.

Crossing the Savara rapids you follow the historic mule trail to the former royal hunting lodge of Orvieille. The forest you cross through is the grazing land of the former royal house, with many notable natural points of interest, but it’s the house itself and the mule trail that are the real highlights of this route, with its rich history tied to the royal hunts of King Vittorio Emanuele II.

Going up from there you gradually enter the valley of the Djouan lakes, where the great wildflower blooms of the alpine meadows and the presence of groundhogs and hooved animals underscore the grand natural context.

Positive vertical drop: 976m.

Negative vertical drop: 976m.

Time travel: 5-6 h