Halfway between hiking and mountaineering, the circumnavigation of the massif and the ascent of the main summit, are part of those experiences hardly forgettable.

These mountains, far from the crowds and protected from low popularity make it even more savage these places.

The hospitality of the shelters are located at an average altitude of 2500 m, well-managed, make the ride even a moment of pleasant relaxation as well as sports.

Day 1:

Cogne 1666m. – rifugio V.Sella 2584m

meeting in Cogne (AO), meeting with the guide and material testing. Along one of the ancient royal path, it goes up to the refuge. V. Sella 2584m. Great view on the Valnontey and  the surrounding peaks!

Positive vertical drop: 918m.

Negative vertical drop: 0.

Time travel: 3h

Day 2 :

rifugio V. Sella 2584m. – Punta della Rossa 3630m. acclimatization climb and great view on Grivola 3969m.

Positive vertical drop: 1082m.

Negative vertical drop: 10820.

Time travel: 5-6 h

Day 3:

Rifugio V. Sella 2548 – col Lauson 3296 – Leviona 2645m – colle Gran Neyron Ovest 3295 m – Rif. Chabod 2750m.

It is the longest day. Reached the col, you go down to the huts Leviona and after passing through the foothills of the majestic northern slope of Herbetet, It ascends the col of the Grand Neyron near the bivouac Sberna. Short steps with crampons to descend the gully. Then follow the moraine up to rif. Chabod

Positive vertical drop: 1350m. Negative vertical drop: 1190m.. Time travel: 7/8 h

Day 4:

Rifugio Chabod 2750m. – Gran Paradiso 4061m. – Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele 2665m.

The day of the ascent of Gran Paradiso 4061m . After covering the glacier Lavencieau, crossed by some crevasse, and passing the foot of the superb north wall, Output in the sun on the ridge called “schiena d’Asino” is always a spectacle of nature that helps recharge morally, to overcome the last part of the itinerary. Once on top, the 360-degree panorama that sweeps from the Monte Rosa to Monviso, rewarding the efforts of the climb

Positive vertical drop: 1311m.

Negative vertical drop:1329 m..

Time travel: 5/7 h

Day 5:

Rifugio V.Emanuele 2665m. – colle del Gran Paradiso 3345m – bivacco Ivrea 2770m- Becchi 2990m – Rif. Pontese 2200m

Cross the pass of the Gran Paradiso, the connection between the “modern” Valsavarnches and wild valley of Noaschetta is like going through a door leading into another world. Our route passes through the foot of the south face of the “Grampa” and achieved the Colle dei Becchi. It just has to go down the pastures of the valley Piantonetto until Ref.


Positive vertical drop:833m.

Negative vertical drop: 1365m..

Time travel: 5/7 h

Day 6:

Rifugio Pontese 2200m- colle del Teleccio 3304- Lillaz

last day of the tour with the ascent to the Col du Teleccio scenic valleys of Piedmont and Valle Emotions follow one another along the descent into Valleile, the beautiful journey ends at the bottom of the valley, where the

last patches of snow alternate with green pastures and is realized with surprise, that has been almost a week of departure !!

Positive vertical drop:1100m. Negative vertical drop: 1690m.. Time travel: 6/8 h